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Complete custom application development

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Application Software is the strength of your business.

It's our primary goal to create software that works for your business.    

Understanding your business process is key in the development cycle of software applications. At newestech, we work hard with you to develop software that you can really use. Don't settle for "canned" software. Your software should be as unique as your business.

Newestech will help you gain a competitive edge, while increasing efficiency and organization in your company.  

We can work with all types of clients and varying budgets, developing large and small scale applications using the latest development tools.

No development project is too big or too small for us to handle.  Contact us for more information.

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Areas of Development

Web-Enabled Applications
Access your key information from anywhere in the world.

Business-to-Business XML
Extensible Markup Language has become the world standard in cross platform data exchange.

In House Custom Applications
Based purely on your specific business model, custom applications are just what you need! We'll work with you from start to finish.

With our strong AS/400 past experience, newestech can do the job for you!