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AS/400 Services

AS/400 Services
Featuring full support for the eSeries iServer.

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The IBM Application System 400

The areas of consulting we provide for the AS/400 community are as follows:

  • Systems Management & Performance
  • Application Design & Development
  • Security
  • Internet / Intranet development
  • Network & Connectivity Issues   

Our AS/400 platforms include the following languages, tools and utilities:

    RPG/400, CL, SDA, SEU, Query/400, SQL, DB2, Showcase, E-commerce and Internet connectivity, PTFs, New Releases, PM/400, OS/400, System Architecture, Performance Tuning

Contact Daniel West by email or call newestech at 702.269.9725, to discuss your AS/400 issues further.

Areas of Development

Software Maintenance
Need to modify your existing AS/400 legacy applications? newestech has the skills to help.

eMachine iSeries
Upgrade your AS/400 to the latest models! Newestech will help you take advantage of the latest tools available on the 400.

Application Experience
With a wide range of experience in the financial, manufacturing, and professional marketplace, newestech has the system design tools and experience required to make the most of your AS/400.